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Field Day 2018

Hillsborough ARES RACES, Inc. will be operating from the PSOC for Field Day 2018, please see our press release below Hillsborough County ARES RACES TARC Press Release – Field Day 2018

Evacuation Centers

Evacuation Center training is now available. Evacuation Centers opened when a safe refuge is needed for 72 hours or less, when refuge is needed for more than 72 hours the evacuation center becomes a shelter. Preston Cook, Emergency Manager and his staff have tasked Hillsborough County ARES RACES with providing radio operators for shelters here […]

ARRL Field Day 2017 Results

In June, Hillsborough County ARES RACES participated in the annual ARRL Field Day as a Class 1F station. The results are in and we did very well considering that we only were active for a total of approximately 8 hours. Hillsborough County ARES RACES finished in Class 1F 1st in Florida, 2nd in the South […]

Taking Emergency Response to the Next Level

New Public Safety Operations Complex brings support functions and personnel into one location Hillsborough County unveiled the latest in emergency management technology and capabilities during the opening of the new Public Safety Operations Complex. Home to Fire Rescue headquarters and the Emergency Operations Center, the complex is located at 9450 E. Columbus Drive. The facility […]