ARES Manual 2015


Command and Control Communications


ICS-205 Radio Communications Plan


ICS-217 Hillsborough County Comm Resource Plan

ICS-217A 27AUG2023 csv file for use to import into programming file is below.


ICS-217 Fill-able Comm Resource Worksheet


Hillsborough County Evacuation Shelters and Evacuation Zones 2023


ARES/RACES Safety Doccuments


Shelter Operator Checklist


WCF Comm Plan one


WCF Comm Plan Two


ICS-213 Message Form


ICS-214 Activity Log


ICS-309 Communications Log


Fillable ARRL Radiogram Form


ICS-211 Incident Check-in List


ICS-211p Personnel Check in List


ICS-221 Demobilization Check-Out


Florida ARRL Tri-Section Task Book


Time Keeping Sheets

First Save the Time Sheet to your Computer,  then fill it in and follow the instructions on the form.


Shelter Radio Operator Training 2023

Slides and handouts

Winlink 101 Slides in PDF