Evacuation Center training is now available.

Evacuation Centers opened when a safe refuge is needed for 72 hours or less, when refuge is needed for more than 72 hours the evacuation center becomes a shelter.

Preston Cook, Emergency Manager and his staff have tasked Hillsborough County ARES RACES with providing radio operators for shelters here in our county. Due to the size of our county and population, Hillsborough has 51 shelters. Don’t panic!! We do not have to staff all 51 of them! WE have been asked to staff 4 Special Needs Evacuation Centers, 4 General Public Evacuation Centers, that are opened in conjunction to the Special Needs Evacuation Centers and 5 Family Evacuation Centers. That is a total of 13 Evacuation Shelters that need radio operators. The ARES staff would like to have a pool of 26 evacuation center trained operators so that depending on how many centers are opened, the radio operators can work in shifts.