New Public Safety Operations Complex brings support functions and personnel into one location

Hillsborough County unveiled the latest in emergency management technology and capabilities during the opening of the new Public Safety Operations Complex.

Home to Fire Rescue headquarters and the Emergency Operations Center, the complex is located at 9450 E. Columbus Drive. The facility brings together several critical support functions in one central location, replacing multiple outdated and undersized buildings that previously housed these operations.

The new complex includes:

  • The 52,000-square-foot main building housing Fire Rescue’s command staff and the high-tech Emergency Operations Center, the heart of the County’s response to residents during major storms and other emergencies. Built to the highest hurricane rating construction standards, the building is equipped to allow personnel to respond to residents’ needs around the clock when emergencies strike.
  • The state-of-the-art Training Center, featuring numerous gas-fired props as well as a three-story, “burn building” where firefighters can continuously advance their skills for saving lives and property.
  • A warehouse with an advanced inventory control system that helps ensure that firefighting equipment and medical supplies get into the field faster, and a fleet operations building where technicians keep Fire Rescue’s engines, rescue vehicles, and specialty vehicles in prime condition to bring aid when seconds count.

The Public Safety Operations Complex is located on 24.5 acres on Columbus Drive, between U.S. Highway 301 and Falkenburg Road in the Brandon area. The project was funded by Public Safety Improvement Bond Project and General Revenue funds.